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A Poem I Learned From Zig Ziglar

When I speak about making a commitment, I mean a full-hearted commitment. A full-hearted commitment is not the same thing as “giving it a try”. When you “give it a try” you’re opening yourself up to failure. People who say they’re going to “give it a try” are psychologically admitting failure at the outset.

To illustrate, when you’re sitting on the runway in a 747 and you hear the pilot’s voice saying, “We’re going to try and takeoff now,” I don’t care how calm and assured he sounds. Summon the flight attendant and tell her you want off the plane. You want to fly with a pilot who knows he’s going to get that sucker off the ground. In the real estate sales business, the 70% that drop out before the end of their second year are the people who decided to give it a try. The ones who stayed are the ones who made a commitment to succeed.

People are always making half-hearted, conditional commitments. “I’m going to lose weight as soon as good weather sets in and I can get out and jog.”

“I’m going to get serious and invest in coaching and education once I sell some homes and collect a commission.” If you see someone who is not happy with their income and maybe even broke, pay close attention: You’re looking at a half-hearted commitment. As Zig Ziglar likes to say: “If you wait to leave home until all the lights are green, you’re never going to leave home.” If you postpone all the things you want to do until the perfect moment arrives, you’ll never do the things you want to do. I often share a poem I learned from Zig.

It goes like this:

The bride white of hair stooped over her cane;

Her legs uncertain, need guiding;

And across the church aisle;

With a big toothless smile,

The groom in a wheelchair came riding.

Who is this couple thus wed?

You’ll find if you closely explore it,

This is that rare, Most conservative pair

That waited until they could afford it.

When real estate agents make half-hearted commitments, it usually means they don’t really believe they can be a top producing agent. The dreams are no more than fantasies.

But, as soon as a FULL-hearted commitment is made, the belief in oneself becomes automatic. And once you believe in yourself, your subconscious begins guiding your behavior in a way that will bring about the fulfillment of your commitment. You have what it takes to become the real estate salesperson you want to be! All you need is a commitment. Are you ready?

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