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Don't Run in the Wrong Direction Just Because You're Near the Finish Line

How many times do you finish something even though you wish you’d never started it? We clean our plates even if the carrots are overcooked because they are there and we’ve already started. We do this even though we would never seek overcooked carrots and wouldn’t want them if anyone offered them to us.

We sit in a movie theater and keep watching the movie when we think it’s terrible, even though under no circumstances would we say yes if someone asked, “Would you like to watch two hours of an awful movie?”

We do the same thing when we continue a plan that is off target. We keep going because we’ve already started, not because it makes any sense to continue what we’re doing.

Be prepared to stop-based not on what you’ve already invested but on what you stand to gain by continuing.

We come across this quite often in the real estate coaching business. When an agent or manager schedules a coaching consultation we start the conversation by asking a lot of questions. This is done to help the coach determine what the agent’s situation is and how they’ve been working. On a regular basis we hear about all the things they know they’re doing wrong or perhaps not doing at all. Yet, they continue to use marketing and techniques that get them little or no return on their time, money and energy. Many agents are just hoping something will turn around for them, if they just wait. The real challenge is being able to stay afloat as their savings diminish.

Today more than ever it’s imperative that one does their due diligence when it comes to where they are going to invest their hard earned money. If you’re tired of spending your time, money and energy on things that aren’t working...maybe it's time to stop and look at something else. I encourage you to schedule a free coaching consultation. It might be the one thing that will turn it all around for you. No hard sell, no fluff, just the facts. Its time to leave mediocrity behind and go for greatness!

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