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Self-Motivation Works Once

Declare something, say many motivational speakers. What do you want? Declare that you should have it. Want to be in better shape? Declare that you shall be. Want to be a top producing real estate agent? Declare that you will be one.

We are comforted, energized, enthused by these declarations. Our moods, self image, and self esteem improve.

Unfortunately, the effects are temporary and diminishing. When we make our next declaration, it will be harder to work up even temporary enthusiasm as we recall the effects of our last failed plan.

Success comes not from self motivating tricks and declarations of desired outcomes but from a steady, informed effort at progress. Don’t get me wrong, I love affirmations and say them regularly. But they can’t make me successful. Instead, they support a positive mindset as I take the steps needed to hit my goals.

You can start by setting a specific and obtainable goal. Set a time frame in which to accomplish it. Then make a commitment, subject to nothing and do the basics. Action breeds motivation. How many people do you know that seem to always have a positive attitude and declare what they want to be, do and have to everyone they know? Yet these same people might not ever do the activities needed to get the results they want. What are your goals? Do you have a plan of action? If not, we can help. Schedule a free, no obligation, no pushy coaching consultation.

You might discover the one thing that will turn it all around for you.

Are you ready to leave mediocrity behind, and go for greatness?

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