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Do Things In Order

If you were making a sandwich, you would do it in order. First a slice of bread, then the fillings and seasonings, then the other slice. It wouldn’t make sense to change the order. Even if you really liked mustard, you wouldn’t put it on the plate first.

When we are pursuing our goals, however, we see the steps we want to take and sometimes try to skip the steps that are less exciting. But stepping out of order is ultimately frustrating and futile.

Take your steps one at a time, and appreciate the process as you move forward. Otherwise you might not.

Real estate sales is a “simple” business. It is simple, but not easy.

The steps needed to get the desired results are as follows: prospect, covert leads into appointments, prepare for the appointment, present, persuade and perform. Just like climbing stairs, if you skip a step and try to make it to the top faster, disaster may strike and you could fall.

In real estate, just like making a sandwich, skipping a step or doing it out of order just wouldn’t make any sense. Follow a plan and take it one step at a time.

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