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Salespeople Are Made, Not Born

The great successes in real estate sales are just extraordinary people on whom fate smiled, aren’t they?

No, in reality, they are not. Successful real estate agents get where they are by following a strategic plan. They learn what it takes to become a balanced, top producing agent.

Interestingly, being in the business, we understand that to build a house it takes a plan, a blueprint. However, we sometimes forget that to build a successful career in sales, it also takes a blueprint.

What’s your plan for the remainder of the year…What’s you plan for the rest of your career? If you’re struggling, you can help yourself.

Understand that you are where you are, in your career, because of the activities you choose to do each day. The good news is that you can change where you are, by changing what you do. It all starts with a clear, specific plan. Start putting one together today. It will be tomorrow before you know it.

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