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Don't Be Afraid of Imaginary Hazards

Sometimes you may cling to an unsatisfactory situation because you’re afraid of unseen perils. In your mind’s eye, you can see all sorts of dangers lurking in the darkness. In your imagination, you have constructed a dangerous environment and you’re acting as if it actually exists.

You’re like the man who was walking across a railroad trestle at night. It was a long trestle, and before he got to the other side, a speeding locomotive came along. He knew he couldn’t make it to the end of the trestle, and he knew that if he stayed where he was he would end up first cousin to sausage. So to save his life, he dropped between the cross-ties and hung on.

It was a long train, and by the time it passed, the man was too tired to pull himself up. So he just hung there in the black of the night, dreading the thought of letting go and plunging to his death below.

The night was cold. Each time he moved his fingers, he picked up splinters from the cross-ties. His arms ached with fatigue and muscle strain.

Finally, he could hold on no longer. With a final prayer for the repose of his soul, he turned loose…and dropped two feet into soft sand.

The man’s problem was that he had constructed in his mind a false environment. He convinced himself that he was swinging over a rocky gorge. In fact, the soft, sandy ground was just beneath his feet. He could have let go at any time and walked away safely.

In real life, we hang on to unpleasant, unrewarding situations much longer than we need to because we are afraid of what awaits us in the unseen future. Most of the time, the unseen future consists of opportunities just beneath our feet.

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