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Floyd Wickman's Big Brother

Many years ago, when I was training director at a real estate company, I was approached by marketers to help sell tickets to see Zig Ziglar. So we made a deal. If 100% of the agents in my company attended, they would arrange dinner with Zig. Well, I didn’t quite deliver on 100%, but it was a solid 90%. I didn’t get a dinner with Zig, but I did get a breakfast. It was like a dream come true! I was so excited! I remember sharing my goal with Zig. By April 1979 I wanted to address an audience of 2,300 or more. I asked Zig, “If you could give me one piece of advice, what would it be?” At that point, I had been collecting advice from every possible source. None of them quiet had the impact of Zig’s wisdom. “Sure Floyd, I’ll give you some advice,” he said. He reached into his briefcase and pulled out a copy of his book, See You At The Top. He opened it and signed something in the front. When he handed it back, I looked at what he had written. It read: “You’re a winner. John 15:5-7.” “There’s your advice,” he said. I stared at it in puzzlement. I had been to church but never paid attention and I surely didn’t spend time reading the Bible. I went home that night feeling like the Pharaoh must have felt before Joseph explained the meaning of his dreams. I asked Linda if we had a Bible in the house. “Not that I know of,” she said. She must have thought I really had done something to repent for this time. Where was the last time I saw a Bible? My mother’s house of course! So I called her. She must have thought all her prayers had been answered and I was finally coming home to the Church. I took the Bible home. I fumbled until I came to John’s gospel, then turned to the 15th chapter and the 5th through the 7th verses. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. Was it some magic formula? Within the scriptural citation I found a powerful piece of advice that was even briefer than Zig’s note in the front of the book. It read: Ask and Ye Shall Receive. What I began to realize was that one way to “ask” is to set a goal and commit to fulfilling it. When you do that, things start to happen. What goals have you set for yourself and family? Have you truly committed yourself to reaching that goal? No one ever said it was easy. Sometimes we need help. That breakfast with Zig Ziglar was the beginning of a very long relationship. Zig was not only a mentor and coach to me, he was the big brother I never had. Do you need someone like that in your personal and professional life? I encourage you to visit There you can schedule a Free, No Obligation, Real Estate Coaching Consultation. I promise you there will be no hard sell, no fluff…just the facts. Remember, the call is free but the advice can be priceless!

PS- I hit my goal of addressing 2,300 people. Actually it was closer to 2,600, I read the Bible everyday and think of my big brother often. Until next time….Make it a great day!

Love, Floyd

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