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You Don't Know What You Don't Know

My golf game has recently degenerated to such a low point of ugliness that I finally gave in and contacted a teaching pro.

And within 15 minutes, by simply watching my disjointed swing and having me do a few exercises, he performed what I considered magic. I was once again striking blazing rockets 300 plus yards down the center of the fairway! Well, maybe 280 yards. Ok already, 210 yards with the wind and a good roll, and a bit to the right. Lol!

The point is, that even though I felt in my mind I knew what I should do with my swing, the muscles doing the work were saying “Huh?” The results I wanted just weren’t there.

And I see the same things happening with sales professionals. Sure you can get somewhat better on your own if you have the desire, are willing to research new ideas, and put in the work on your own. But we all have those blind spots in our rear view mirrors that we don’t even know exist.

Therefore, to make a quantum leap, consider a coach!

We don’t know what we don’t know. You might be doing something wrong and not even realize it. A friend has had similar golfing challenges, but he never, ever took lessons. He said, “I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, and wouldn’t know how to fix it if I did.”

Remember this...practice does not make perfect. Practice can be a dangerous thing. Because if you continue committing the same mistakes, they become habits.

Do you want to make 2024 your best year? Now, yes now, is the time to start the year off right! Sign up for a Free, Confidential, No Obligation, Coaching Consultation. No pressure (really) & No fluff. Just the facts. Visit or call 888-741-5452 to schedule your call. You deserve it!

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