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Don’t Let Irrelevant Factors Hold You Back

Sometimes we let irrelevant things affect our self esteem.

Some people who come from poor or modest backgrounds are self conscious about their origins. Even though they’re loaded with talent, they feel that growing up poor is a handicap that will keep them from competing with the country club set. But some of the greatest success stories revolve around people who rose from humble beginnings.

Abe Lincoln wasn’t the only president who was born in a log cabin.

Any number of irrelevant factors may affect your self esteem. Are you someone with low self esteem because of your height? Napoleon was short too, but that didn’t keep him from proclaiming himself emperor of France. So is Michael Bloomberg, but that didn’t keep him from becoming a billionaire and mayor of New York City.

Did you grow up with a pronounced Brooklyn accent or a heavy southern drawl? In most pursuits that’s irrelevant. Lyndon Johnson rose to power in the Senate and beyond, while speaking in the heavy accents of a West Texan. Jimmy Carter’s piping Georgia accent didn’t keep him from the presidency. Tip O’Neill, the former speaker of the House, presided in the accents of a Boston Irishman. Many successful people are proud of their regional accents, but if you find yours a handicap, you can change your situation.

Before you let some supposed drawback hurt your self esteem, ask yourself: Does it matter? There have been many instances in my life that taught me the hard way that these drawbacks really don’t matter.

I learned that a remedy for low self esteem, especially in the real estate business, is the confidence that comes from knowledge…. The boldness that comes from knowing exactly what, when and how to say things…An assertiveness that comes from a daily structure ,in your career, and the systems necessary to help you overcome obstacles. You don’t have to just survive in this great business of ours…you can thrive!

It’s time to leave mediocrity behind, and go for greatness.

Schedule a free, no obligation, no pushy salesperson, no fluff…just the facts…coaching consultation and find out what we can do for you.

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