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Real Estate Team Leaders: Eliminate Complacency

When your sales team is working well, leave it alone. But for a paradox, if you leave it alone long enough, the team will start to stagnate. Then you’re going to have to do something to stir up the still waters. You can yell and berate, which amounts to tossing a boulder into a goldfish pond. Or you can, in effect, toss in small pebbles by bringing in two or three brand new, enthusiastic salespeople. By doing this, the rest of the team is going to be motivated into action, so they don’t look bad, by comparison.

To illustrate the effect that new, enthusiastic salespeople may have on an existing team, consider the following: Scientists say that it should be physically impossible for the bumblebee to fly because of its short wingspan compared to the weight of its body. But the bumblebee doesn’t subscribe to the laws of science, so it flies anyway.

New salespeople are like bumblebees. They often don’t know that it’s impossible to sell certain products to particular prospects, so they do it anyway. They’re great for shaking up the status quo.

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