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Stop Wasting Your Time!

As commission based real estate agents, we need to make efficient use of our time. All of us can benefit from a time log. Keep a record of everything you do during the day. After a few days, look back over the things you did that contributed nothing to your productivity or profitability. Then find ways of eliminating these things from your work day.

In every business you’ll find people who will waste your time. Find ways to avoid them. One way is to set a specific time of the day when you will accept calls of visitors. At other times have an assistant take calls for you to return. If you know a person tends to take a lot of time on the telephone, wait until a few minutes before lunch or right before closing time. The person will be eager to get away and won’t waste so much time.

At the beginning of each day, make a list of things you need to do that day. Put them in order of priority. Then tackle them one at a time. If it’s a task that can’t be completed in one day, break it into smaller sub-tasks. Finish what you start. Successful people are those who decide what they want to do, then keep at the task until it’s finished. Every minute invested in a task that’s never finished is a minute wasted.

Spend the most time with the people most likely to contribute to your profitability. The 80/20 rule is a good one to apply. In most businesses, 80% of the profit comes from 20% of the customers. So you should choose the 20% of your prospects who are likely to yield 80% of your profits. Then spend 80% of your time with them. Watch the successful people in your business. Become a student of how they spend their time. You will begin to put together the awareness that will lead you on to success.

It's time to leave mediocrity behind, and go for greatness!

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