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Spread Your Wings And Fly

Some people seem to be born with unseen weights holding them down. They’re like the eagle who thought it was a prairie chicken.

A Native American boy had robbed an eagle’s nest and dropped one of the eggs on the way back to the tepee. A prairie hen took the egg under her wings and hatched it along with her own eggs. The eagle grew up with prairie chickens, pecking at grass seeds and worms, flapping its wings and fluttering from knoll to knoll, never rising more than a few feet from the ground.

One day it looked up and saw a majestic bird soaring on the rising wind currents. “Wow! Would I love to soar like that,” said the eagle. “Forget it,” said the prairie chicken. “That’s an eagle. You’re a prairie chicken. Prairie chickens don’t fly that far from the ground.” And so the young bird grew into an old bird, thinking it was an earth bound prairie chicken, never realizing it was an eagle born to reach the sky.

Many people deny themselves the rich rewards of greatness because they think they were born to mediocrity and are incapable of rising above it. They are wrong. They have wings to soar on, if they’ll only just become aware of them and spread them.

Spread your wings it's time to fly. Make the leap. Own the sky.

Schedule a Free, No Obligation, No Hard Sell, No Fluff, Just the Facts, Coaching Consultation at and let us help you fly like an eagle.

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