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Will You Have a Happy New?

If you want to accomplish something over and above the ordinary, you’re going to have to work over and above the ordinary. Always be alert for opportunities to make that extra effort, even when the circumstances seem unfavorable.

I know of a guy who put in some extra time over and above what was required of him, and he got rich in the process. He wasn't working for a Fortune 500 company. He was serving time in a penitentiary. This guy could have spent his time making license plates or working in the prison laundry and collecting his good time toward early release.

But he decided to make his time count. He noticed that a lot of the guards and convicts preferred custom-fitted uniforms. He had been a tailor on the outside. So he offered to tailor their uniforms- for a fee.

After 20 years of this, he accumulated a small fortune: When His sentence was up, he was able to prosper without returning to a life of crime. How did he do it?

"Instead of serving time, I had time serve me," he said. He could do it because he wasn't afraid of work.

I know that in sales, the business goes to the salespeople who work for it.

This means working hard and working smart. It calls for prospecting, which is something too many salespeople hate. The agents who get ahead are the ones who pound the pavement getting to know their potential customers, who keep in touch with them through regular newsletters and other devices. Gang, in today’s day and age, buyers and sellers don’t need you to find out how many bedrooms and baths a house has. That information, and a whole lot more, is available on the internet. Instead, they’re looking for an expert in the area. Someone that’s trustworthy, knows how to follow up and has the systems in place to help them buy or sell efficiently.

That's hard work, and it can be discouraging and boring. But you have to do that before you experience the excitement of a major deal closed, a Salesperson of the Month award, a Top Producer Plaque.

What is your plan for 2018? A new year is here! Will you struggle to get out of “real estate hibernation” or will you hit the ground running? Call us for a free, no obligation, no hard sell, no fluff, just the facts Coaching Consultation. You owe it to yourself and your family!

Visit us at: and have a Happy (and prosperous) New Year!

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