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You Can Be Good And Still Be Mediocre

Being good at something is no assurance that you’ll rise above mediocrity. It depends upon what you’re good at. You must want to be good at something that offers you a chance to achieve greatness. Suppose you drop out of high school and get a job at Charlie’s Service Station. Charlie puts you to work changing oil. Soon you’re giving the best oil-change and lube in town. Charlie is delighted with your work. He pays you the maximum wage for that job: $10.00 an hour. So far as quality of life is concerned, being the best oil changer in town gets you mediocrity at best. If being an oil changer at $10.00 makes you happy, more power to you. But most adults aren’t happy at that level of achievement. To achieve greatness, you have to decide to move on to more rewarding challenges like being a real estate “listing machine”. But if you don’t know how, you’ll remain mired in mediocrity. That’s the situation many real estate agents find themselves in. They’re “good” at their job. But where was it getting them? Getting from good/mediocre to great/top producer is not as difficult as you might think. The right guidance and support can make all the difference. Need a consultation? It’s free. No hard sell, no fluff, just the facts. Schedule yours at

It’s time to leave mediocrity behind, and go for greatness!

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