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Success Starts In Your Mind

Remember that success in real estate sales starts in your mind. You will never achieve success until your mind is convinced that you are a successful salesperson. The awareness has to be there.

Napoleon Hill, in his book, Think and Grow Rich, tells us that ''What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.''

William James, the father of modern psychology, said, "One of the most interesting discoveries of my generation is that people can control their activities by changing their minds, and they can change their minds.''

The truth of this has been demonstrated repeatedly.

Actually, you have two minds. One is your conscious mind­ the one you use to think and reason. It's the one Rene Descartes had in mind when he said, ''I think, therefore I am.”

The other is the subconscious mind. It’s the one you’re usually unaware of. It keeps your heart beating, your lungs pumping, and your organs functioning. It keeps you balanced on your feet, and it regulates your body temperature. It also is the store house of memory. You don’t keep Aunt Bertha’s telephone number constantly in your mind. You keep in tucked away in a handy corner of your subconscious until you need it. Then you ask your subconscious to produce it, and presto! Your subconscious flashes it into your conscious mind the way a computer flashes data onto its video screen. Now repeat after me:

I am a Masters Salesperson! As such I will always be guided to do and say the things that contribute to my success.

Today I will walk and talk like the Master Salesperson I am

Today my core values will direct my activity.

Today I will take the steps that lead me closer to my goals.

Today I will accept adversities as friendly foes and learn from them.

Today I will perform with an air of confidence yet I will show other that I care.

Today when asked the secret of my success I will gladly take the time to share.

From this moment on, anything that happens happens in my best interest because I am a Master Sales Person!

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