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Who Are Your Friends?

I chose a circle of friends who would encourage me to goof off. I ran with a street gang, and so I acquired the self-image of a gang member. So as a teenager, I had no goals, no ambitions, no plans for the future. I had a history of failure. I was facing some bad odds.

If you're aimless and unsuccessful, no matter what your age, take a look at your circle of friends. Are they the people who will encourage you to succeed? Or will they reinforce your poor self­-image?

If all your friends are failures, you’re going to be a failure too. Otherwise you won’t belong to the group. Suppose you find yourself in the middle of a wilderness among friends who are as lost as you are. You know there’s a road out there somewhere, and you know you’ve got to find it if you expect to reach shelter by nightfall. But your friends are dawdling, playing hide and seek with each other, meandering up side trails, chasing chipmunks through the underbrush. You spot a group of hikers who are walking briskly and confidently in a steady direction. You're hungry and you know that soon it's going to be dark and cold. Do you stick with your dawdling friends, or do you fall into step with the hikers? This doesn't mean you have to turn your back on your friends to succeed.

It means that you have to widen your circle of friendships. You have to look for people who know where they're going, and get into step with them.

If your old friends choose to come along with you, fine. You've helped them find their direction. If they choose to part company, count it their loss. You want

to move on-away from the old, aimless environment and toward the greatness that is rightfully yours. You can do that only if you have a high opinion of yourself.

You can't become a top producing real estate salesperson so long as you go around with a loser's attitude. You can't start taking the steps to greatness until you are convinced that you have within you the stuff of greatness. I’m here to tell you that you have the stuff of greatness. This is not blind faith on my part. I know it. The moment when you know it too is the moment you will start taking the steps to live up to your new self-image. The moment you start thinking like a master salesperson is the moment you will start acting like a master sales person. So as you start on the road to greatness, remember what I learned the slow, hard way: If you're going to succeed, you've got to believe in yourself. Nobody ever arrived at the top with a bad self-image.

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