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Resist The Urge To Be Average

Everywhere around you are average salespeople. They entice you into being more like them by offering their acceptance. They lead you to believe that it’s just too difficult to become a top producing real estate agent.

In every office there are two groups, the sympathizers and empathizers. The sympathizers will always invite you to their pity parties. They point a finger at everyone and everything else as the reason for their low production. But it’s easy to get caught in their trap, because they’re a shoulder to cry on and misery loves company. Then there are the empathizers. They know how you feel. They’ve been through the good, bad and everything in between. They’re nice people, but they don’t have time to complain because they’re too busy making deals. They’re too busy doing the activities necessary for success. Instead of attending those crowded pity parties, they’re prospecting, turning leads into appointments, delivering world class listing presentations and handling all sorts of stalls and objections. In other words, they’re helping their clients get what they want.

But what makes them different you may ask? The first is that they care about their clients. They sincerely want to help them buy or sell. The second ingredient is that they know how to do all these things. When other agents hear them speak on the phone with a client or shadow them on appointments they say “wow, you’re so good at this. I wish I could be like you.” That’s correct, they are good! They’re good because they’re trained. It’s time to leave mediocrity behind…and go for greatness!

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