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How To Change The World

What is the main difference between people who have confidence they will succeed and people who don’t? Is it that they live in essentially different worlds-the confident in an easier place where everyone supports their efforts at success and the less confident in a harsher world where it is harder to success? No.

The difference is not the world itself. The difference is how they view the world.

The confident construct a reality out of the world around them, a reality in which success is possible because they pay attention to those who have succeeded and have carefully studied the path to success. Those who lack confidence, meanwhile, pay special attention to those who have failed and the obstacles that exist to thwart their efforts.

It is much like two people walking next to each other on a busy city street, one looking up and the other down. The reality of the city is the same, but the view is very different.

We all the want to change the things preventing us from becoming successful real estate salespeople….we all want to change the world. But the only way to change the world is to change yourself. And the time to do that is right now…right here.

It’s time to leave mediocrity behind and go for greatness!

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