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See The Risk In Doing Nothing

Watch a football game, and you’ll hear the announcers talking about the risks coaches face, especially the risks associated with trying to score. Announcers caution against throwing the ball too much or taking a chance by going for a big play. What they fail to talk about is the risk of not trying these things.

Yes, coaches risk turning the ball over, and possibly losing the game, by creatively trying to score. However, there is a very real risk that in trying to avoid these outcomes, coaches will be so conservative that they will lose the game because they didn’t take any risks and couldn’t accomplish anything.

Managing your real estate sales career is much like that. You can easily see the risk associated with going for the big score (such as listing a FSBO or expired). But there is very real risk in not doing these things. If ultimately you want more, whether its recognition, reward or just a different challenge, failing to take a risk is the biggest risk of all because you will shut off possible opportunities. Go for it. You deserve success!

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