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The Secret of My Success

As a street kid on the east side of Detroit I would never have imagined myself hauling out all the biblical quotes I’ve used throughout the years. I respected the Golden Rule as a general principle, but I never saw it as any kind of guide to prosperity in the business world. The rule on the street, which I might call the “Brass Rule” seemed to have a lot more relevance at the time: “Do it unto others before they do it unto you.”

I’m still not the guy who wears his religion on his sleeve. If you cuss in my presence, I won’t blush. I don’t go around uttering a lot of “Praise the Lords” and “Hallelujahs,” though I don’t look down at those who do, if that’s their way of honoring God. But anybody that knows me knows that I live what I teach, and I swear by the lessons in the Gospels. In fact, I burn with these lessons. They will carry you to greatness too, if you remember that when you give to others it has to be done unselfishly, with no expectation of reward.

So I challenge you to find a person or organization that can use a boost that you can provide. Give that boost. Give it without fanfare and make it clear that you don’t expect to be repaid. Give to worthy causes at every opportunity. Don’t count the cost. Just do it because it the right thing to do.

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