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Don't Let Old Frustrations Hold You Back

Some people have allowed old frustrations to condition them to mediocrity. They allow these frustrations to defeat them long after the cause of the frustration has passed. They’re like the elephant I used to visit at the zoo. It was a listless giant that seemed to have no initiative. It just stood in the middle of its pen, not moving toward the water when it was thirsty: not moving toward the hay when it was hungry.

A zookeeper told me the story…When it was young, that elephant was full of energy. In fact, it was so energetic that the zoo management feared it would damage something by accident. So the elephant’s keeper started a program of conditioning.

First, they drove a heavy steel stake, about 8 feet long, into the ground. A chain was fastened to the stake and tied around the elephant’s leg. When the elephant ran with its customary energy, the chain would go taut and it would cut into its leg. Eventually, the metal stake was replaced with a wooden one, and the chain was replaced with a rope. The elephant could have broken the rope or the stake at any time it wanted, but by now it was conditioned. The expectation of pain was enough to keep it docile. By the time I knew the elephant, the stake had been removed. All that was left was a piece of rope tied around its leg. The elephant was free to move anywhere it wanted. But the animal didn’t know it. In its awareness, the heavy chain and steel stake were still there to inflict pain if the big animal exceeded permissible limits.

In my life I’ve met far too many real estate agents, brokers, managers and leaders that let old frustrations hold them back. They could accomplish incredible things, but are stuck in mediocrity or sometimes worse. What’s holding you back from having what you want in life and business? I may not know you personally, but I believe anyone can achieve greatness. Are you ready to break free? Visit our website at or call 888-741-5452 to schedule a Free, No Obligation, Coaching Consultation. The call if free but the advice can change your life.

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