Why Do People Choose Floyd Wickman as Their Keynote Speaker?

Floyd Wickman, CSP, CPAE, National Speakers Association Hall of Fame

With several thousand events under his belt and clients that circle the globe, Floyd Wickman is considered to be one of the most dynamic keynote speakers in the sales industry. Floyd’s messages of empowerment, skill-building, and accountability have become the springboard for millions to grow their careers and live a more fulfilled life.


With every audience, Floyd shares the insights, tools and treasured techniques that sales and management professionals both want and need in today’s ever-changing market to explore not just how to “survive” but rather how to unlock their personal potential for greatness and “thrive.”

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Mind, Time and Passion…

…the keys to a lifetime of success

Everyone has an opportunity to achieve their dreams.  In this keynote address ,  you will laugh, learn and be inspired by Floyd’s amazing lesson in life and his humorous style of sharing these methods with you. 

  • Develop the mindset of a winner

  • Turn adversity into success

  • Control your activities

  • Keep yourself motivated

  • Use a time control checklist


The Four Cornerstones of Balance in the Life of A Sales Professional


This fun, thought provoking keynote/seminar addresses the current challenge of staying focused, productive and in control of your sales clients, customers and outside sources. 

  • Tracking your time/production

  • Work/homelife balance

  • Handling adversities

  • Keeping the faith


How to be in Positive Control of Your Life


This  keynote/seminar is for everyone desirous of building a better life for themselves whether a business  person, homemaker, parent or student.   It touches on the 5 areas of life and keeping the pieces of the puzzle together in spite of life challenges.


Solving the Ten Most Common Leadership Problems


A 3 hours seminar/workshop for leadership interested in being more effective at training, directing and motivating a group of commission sales people.

  • Handling the various characteristics and their challenges

  • One on one problem solving

  • Motivating a team

  • Leadership traits to be developed


The Secrets of the Professional Speaker


90 Minutes of learning some of the best kept secrets of the pro from one of the few National Speakers Associations Hall of Fame Members with over 3000 speaking engagements under his belt.   You’ll laugh, learn and be inspired as you’re learning how anyone can effectively learn and use these 5 secrets.

  • Crafting your speech

  • Using humor whether you’re funny or not

  • Delivery skills that are infallible

  • and much, much more


Six Ways To Double Your Production


For Realtors wanting and needing to dramatically increase their production now!  You will laugh, learn and be taught by one of the industry's guru’s and quickly see why NAR and Realtor Magazine named him “One of the 25 Most Influential People in Real Estate” and a member of the National Speakers Associations Coveted Hall of Fame.



Building a successful keynote address is certainly not by chance. With a company’s goals in focus, Floyd develops each keynote speech using a time-tested, winning combination of sales tools, innovative techniques, laugh-out-loud humor, impeccable timing, powerful motivation, dialogues, problem solvers, accountability, mindset solutions and of course, audience interaction.

The success of your event starts with you!


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